Whether it be stainless steel, brass or cast bronze, we can create the plaque for you. We will advise you on the best option for the occasion, location, or budget. Plaques can ensure memories are kept forever and often remembered. Whether it is for a memorial, coat of arms, or sports event, we can create something that will honour that moment and keep that memory in mind. For interior plaques, we offer wooden backed plaques which can either be engraved or have a metal engraved plate attached.

To order, or for a no-obligation free quote, simply e-mail us at  by clicking the button below or call 0800 4 223 437 or 03 477 6332.


We can create crests for schools, sports teams, coat of arms, or family crests. It could be to display a family connection, heraldry, or a set of shared values. Crests can bring prominence to a place or building. Our shields can be wall-mounted or freestanding. They are often wood-backed with a metal top attached. Our crests can be hand-painted in your specific colours and the design built over a few layers to add depth and dimension to the design. We have created crests for a wide range of clubs and societies, schools, and sports teams throughout New Zealand.

Let us know what design or finish you have in mind, along with an idea of budget, and we will let you know your options. To order, or for a no-obligation free quote, simply e-mail us at or call 0800 4 223 437 or 03 477 6332 and speak to our team.